The themes and topics of interest for HyperAgents 2019 include, but are not limited to:

Architectural Styles and Design of Hypermedia MAS

  • Design principles, models, and architectures for hypermedia MAS
  • Semantic Web, Linked Data and knowledge graphs for autonomous agents
  • WoT and physical environments for autonomous agents
  • De-siloization and data integration in large-scale hypermedia MAS
  • Specification and enactment of interaction protocols: Web interaction protocols, interaction protocols for agents (human and non-human)
  • Identification, authentication, and authorization of autonomous agents
  • Large-scale search in hypermedia MAS
  • Re-decentralization and distributed AI on the Web
  • WebRTC & peer-to-peer Web for hypermedia MAS

Autonomous Agents in Hypermedia MAS

  • Architectures and programming languages for autonomous hypermedia agents
  • Linked data programming for autonomous agents
  • Context-aware agents in hypermedia MAS
  • Edge AI and physical agents on the Web
  • Learning in hypermedia environments
  • Large-scale automated planning and distributed reasoning on the Web
  • Integration of heterogeneous AI methods in hypermedia MAS
  • Models and mechanisms for agent coordination

Governance in Hypermedia MAS

  • Norm-aware agents in hypermedia MAS
  • Hypermedia-based representation and advertising of norms in MAS
  • Reasoning on data licensing policies, terms of services, etc.
  • Privacy preservation and norm-compliant information dissemination
  • Models and mechanisms for enforcing Web-scale regulation
  • Trust and responsible agents
  • Web-scale open organizations of autonomous agents

Hybrid Communities (People & Autonomous Agents) in Hypermedia MAS

  • Bridging formal semantics and social semantics (e.g., ontologies and folksonomies)
  • Web-based collective programming, customization, and maintenance of hypermedia MAS
  • Hybrid social constructs for supporting autonomous reasoning and interaction
  • Human-agent interaction in hybrid communities on the Web
  • Collective interaction models and agreement in hybrid communities
  • Mixed reality for hypermedia MAS (e.g., interactions, monitoring, configuration)

Tooling & Applications of Hypermedia MAS

  • Programming frameworks, platforms, and other tooling for hypermedia MAS
  • Hybrid communities in the Web of Things (industrial manufacturing, home and building automation, smart grids, etc.)
  • Hybrid communities for enhanced social media (mitigating fake news propagation, online bullying, etc.)
  • Hybrid communities for enhanced linked research (e.g., curating, sharing, and maintaining corpora and datasets)
  • Hybrid communities for rewiring the Web